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Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales
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Call the kids and all the family! Together we'll share the "Love of Language." Here are funny stories that deliver a message, silly poems that will bring a smile and allow you to share some thoughts. Let's put the family together to enjoy a suggested language project. Enjoy!! Stay a while and come back often. We'll keep a smile on for you.
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Snake Hissstory

Sammy Snake thought history cool,
It was his favorite class in school.
He loved what happened long ago.
One special story thrilled him so.

The tale where man and snake unite
In that most famous freedom fight.
When both agreed on one solution
The great American Revolution.

Sam and flag

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Willie in a baker's cap Willie Worm

Willie Worm and his family lived in an apple tree.
Every one was contented, except Willie. He hated apples!
That was what they ate three times a day.
So Willie set off to look for something different,
And he found... Well, you read the story and find out!

Sammy, the Astrosnake

Sammy Snake had always thought
That he could be an astronaut.
But as his little snake heart yearned,
His applications were returned....


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Boy and drumHigh strutter



Girl and Twinkies

Future Stars

Pizza nut

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A ladybug without her spots?
A polka dress without its dots?
Some thoughts are quick and "out to lunch"
And here I offer you a bunch.


Sing along with some of Sammy Snake's favorite tunes.

Sammy sings

Poetry Pencil
Poems by kids like you!

Sammy, the Olympic Snake by Katy Bailey
Mother by Jeff Greener
Red and Green by Patrick Keating
May by Morgan Cottle
Love by Timothy Gustafson
Amazing Butterflies by Katie Giseburt
Just Do It by Donna Allred's Class
Liberty Given by Lara Sandhu
Scavenger Hunt by Lindsay Crump
Little Fish by Danny R.
Snoring by Kathleen Kuo
Spider Empire by Garrett Karp
Are You Irish Stew? by Laura Meyer
Bad Hair Day by Lindsay Hopkins
Balloon Cocoon by Kyle Raymer
Bombay by Josh Slaughterback
      And many more...
Pencil graphic by Kristin Nelson
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