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Thanksgiving Fun

Rosie's Thanksgiving Dinner Alpha-Click
Come join Rosie for Thanksgiving! The whole family is coming...

We're Goin' on a Turkey Hunt!
Can you find Mr. Turkey? If you do, you will get more than one surprise!

Rosie's Thanksgiving Songs and Music!
Some have midi files so get ready to sing!

Grandpa Tucker's Thanksgiving Poems
Come meet a Thankful Old Bird and have some Pum-Pum Pum-Pum Pumpkin Pie!

More Thanksgiving Poetry
Old favorites and new

Sammy, the Turkey Snake
Oh, dear! Sammy is tired of being a snake. What trouble will Sammy get into this time?

Thanksgiving Power
The silly story of Dad and his electric carving knife.

Thanksgiving Games
For all ages... Did they play any of these at the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth Colony?

Thanksgiving Pictures to Color
Print out these full page pictures to color offline.

"Thank You! for..."
Special certificates to download and color.

Football kicker

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Tigger's Happy Thanksgiving

Billy Bear's Thanksgiving

BlackDog's Thanksgiving Fun & Games

Bethany Roberts' Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

Thanksgiving Storybooks and Games for toddlers

Bry-Back Manor's Happy Thanksgiving

A read aloud poem, Good-bye, Pumpkin Pie!

John Potter's Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle

Crossroads Crosswords Thanksgiving Puzzle

Craft Projects from the Craft Exchange

Awesome Thanksgiving Clipart for Kids

Send a free Animated E-Mail Card

American Football -- NFL and college links


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