Boles Family Album

With a big smile
2 years, Nov 1999
Shu Yuan
6 months, Nov 1999

Nora Elizabeth Qiao
Pan Qiao Rong

Born September 24, 1997
Guangzhou, Guangdong, PRC
Referral May 21, 1998
Home August 1, 1998

Lydia Grace ShuYuan
 Yuan Shu Yuan

Born May 2, 1999
Nanning, Guangxi, PRC
Referral October 29, 1999
Coming Home February 18, 2000

Proud mother: Colleen Boles

On bed Being held up
Shu Yuan in her foster home in Nanning, November 1999

~ China 1998 ~
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Baby Nora With toys With swing
Nora's referral photo
early 1998
Nora at 8 months, May 1998
at the Baby Unit in Guangzhou

At the White Swan
At the White Swan Hotel
in Guangzhou, July 1998


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