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Anderson Family Album

Rao Fu Ping
aka: Leah Janell Anderson

Born: September 3, 1995
Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, PRC
Referral: February 8, 1996
Family Day: July 16, 1996
Leah's referral photo
This is Leah's referral photo. It was taken at 2 months of age. Her referral was received when she was 5 months old. Due to changes at CCAA we weren't able to travel for her until July 1996. Leah's travel pictures are below.

Lydia's referral photo

Ji Mao Qing
aka: Lydia Diane Anderson

Born: December 6, 1998
Ji'an, Jiangxi Province, PRC
Referral: August 31, 1999
Family Day: November 23, 1999
Lydia's referral photo was taken at approximately 4 months of age. We brought her home just before her 1st birthday! Lydia's travel pictuers are on page 3.

With Santa (sad) With Santa (happy)
What a difference a year makes!
December 2000 and 2001

On skates Future Michelle Kwan and Kristi Yamaguchi?
December 2001

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Daddy holding Leah for the first time, just minutes after getting her on July 16, 1996. She was hungry and trying to get the food off of the table (she was brought to us during dinner!). She didn't cry, but only stared wide-eyed. Leah and Dad

Family by birdcages Getting ready to leave the White Swan to fly home to the USA. July 1996. Miss Leah and her adoring parents.

With toy horse
Home at last and putting on some weight.

Leah throwing out her arms Ain't life grand? In the dress her Great Aunt Hazel made for Mommy to be dedicated in, ?? years ago! August 1996, 11 months

Holt's "Cover Girl" February 1997, at 17 months. This photo has been on the cover of the March/April 1998 "Hi Families," used in advertisements, all over the Holt website, and soon to be released on their credit card. In straw hat

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