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Josefine's referral picture
Josefine Ytjin Brandt
Born November 13. 1995
Photo about 23. April 1996
Josefine's story
Jacob's referral photo
Jacob Wen Min
Born March 12. 1997

Jacob's story

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Josefine introduces herself...
age 21 mos. old
Recorded August 1997 (103Kb wav file)
Josefine can WALK! Photos!
age 15 mos. 5 days old, 18. February 1997
Listen to Josefine chatter!
age 15 mos. 3 days old
Recorded 16. February 1997 (538Kb wav file)
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JosefineJosefine Ytjin Brandt Jeppesen

Josefine arrived with her new parents to Denmark the 8. September 1996. Two days later the pediatric nurse visited us. She told us that Josefine was doing fine for her age. She was very lightweight - only 6,5 kg. then, 10 months old.

The figure on her medical report stating that her weight was 7,4 kgs in April must have been with winter clothes - or maybe the doctors foot was on the weight or just a translation error.

Physical: 23. April 1996
(age 5 mos. 10 days)
Weight 7,4 kg.
Height 65 centimetres

Her name is Yu-qin. Yu means jade, which protects against all evilness. Qin stands for 7-string zither (the musical instrument). In general, the full name means beauty -- inner beauty, resistance against evilness, beautiful as the jade to look at, beautiful to listen to - fine voice.

She lived at Changzhou Welfare Home (Center) situated half way from Shanghai (100 km.) to Nanjing in Jiangxu Province.

We left Copenhagen on Wednesday the 28. August flying to Beijing and then to Changzhou. We are of course very happy now - just before we left, the painter finished the rooms for our daughter with a beautiful tapestry with ducks and apples.

Information of the statistics:
Papers to China mid-April 1996
Referral unofficially 20. June 1996
Referral officially 25. June 1996
Travel approval 20. August 1996
Travel from Copenhagen to Beijing 28. August 1996
Return from Beijing to Copenhagen 8. September 1996

JacobJacob Wen Min Jeppesen

We will go to China again in 1-2 months from now (October 1998) to meet Josefine's brother, Jacob Wen Min.

He was born on March 12, 1997. He has a cleft lip and palate. The cleft lip has already been operated but the palate still needs repair.

He is very very small, 8,2 kgs and 68 cm but since his lip repair in July 1998 he has gained a lot of weight and he walks with help.

He lives in Changzhou, Josefine's hometown, so we are very proud and look forward to come back to the Welfare Home - and of course to show Josefine after 2 years.

Lene & Paul Jeppesen
Charlottenlund (Denmark)
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